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“Get Well”
Pfizer building, Brooklyn NY
Performance: Doctor’s scrubs, medical gown, latex gloves, balloons, shell, crystal, stethoscope, iPods, headphones
Installation: Doctors bed, medical cart, medical table, metal cabinet, tinsel curtain, Mylar, Mylar balloons, tube lights and various boxes
12 x 15 x 10 ft.

Presented in the group show “Low Grade Euphoria”

Staged in a former Pfizer pharmaceutical factory, “Get Well” is an installation and performance where one “patient” at a time is taken through the process of visiting a contrived clinic that is run by a doctor, nurse and DJ. The “patient” is guided through the actions of filling out forms, putting on a medical gown, a physical and receiving a mystical treatment for what is ailing them.

All images courtesy of Darnell Scott