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“No 1 Pretty”
Curated by Life Lessons, presented through Chashama
Materials: speakers, 3 pink aprons, mylar, fabric, table, acrylic, wood, light, linoleum, paper, desk, chair, clothing hangers, nail polish remover, tinsel curtain, pipe, fishing line, magazine, sharpie, latex gloves, face mask, sea breeze, nail files, cotton swabs, nail adhesive, red acrylic nail tips, metal jewelry chain, assorted charms, towel warmer, towels, twinkle lights, assorted board games, carpeting, slippers and tea.
Interaction length: 30 min appointments, 8 per day, repeated over 3 days
14 FT H x 70 FT W x 51 FT D

“No 1 Pretty” is an immersive installation and multi-stage performance that takes the common-place process of a manicure appointment to create guidance into lucid dream introspection. Taking place in 5 distinct stages, the performance takes each “client” through an overarching process that begins with making an appointment via phone and continues on location as clients navigate through check-in, a consultation, prep and an interpretive manicure. Each action is an opportunity for clients to examine their own dreams and their manicure is an interpretation of one they share with the process ending with tea in a reflection space.