Projects > Offering/Initition

Knockdown Center, Queens NY
20 ft. x 50 ft.
Instillation: tinsel curtain, Mylar, pipe, fishing line, fiber carpet and stool, salt

performance: beaded costume, beaded bracelets

Presented in the group show “Mami”

“Offering” is an instillation that was created for an exhibition titled MAMI at the Knockdown Center, which was based on the figure Mami Wata. 400 feet of blue cascading tinsel gives the viewer an immersive, yet claustrophobic, experience as they follow the silver path to the center of the piece which opens into a small silver sanctuary.
“Initiation” one-on-one interactive performance that activates the installation “Offering”. The viewer is guided through a ritual where a story of loss from their past is transformed into an offering to the space as they are lead through an invented rite of passage. This project deals with the idea of sacrifice, loss and initiation.